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    The Perfect Summer Sipper
    The delicate effervescence of this refreshing white wine heightens the aromas of flower scents and stone fruits.

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    Transform Your Summer.
    Named for the alluring creatures of maritime myth, Selkie is transformative—making any experience something magical.

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    Selkie Frizzante is now available across Atlantic Canada. Check your local store.


A refreshing white wine with an enticing tree fruit and floral profile, Selkie will tingle your taste buds with delicate effervescence. Bright acidity and enticing depth make Selkie as irresistible and alluring as our coastline.

Named for the seductive creatures of maritime myth that transform from seals to human form, Selkie is inspired by our ocean breezes and unique Atlantic terroir. Like its namesake, Selkie is transformative—making any experience something magical.


An Italian style of wine that offers lower alcohol, balanced acidity, and a light effervescence that dances on the pallet. This is not a sparkling wine but a slightly sparkling wine that features a smaller and more delicate mousse. This style is celebrated throughout the world. In Spain, these wines are known as Vino de Aguja. The French term for them is Petillant, while the German term is Perlwein.