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    Thank you for helping make the maiden voyage of Jost Vineyard’s Selkie Frizzante a sold-out success at the NSLC.

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    Coming Soon! 
    Watch for the new release in stores May 2015, just in time for Mother’s Day.

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    Alluring and Irresistible.
    Named for creatures of maritime myth, Selkie is transformative—making any moment or occasion something magical.

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    Tingle your taste buds.
    With lingering notes of golden kiwi, lily of the valley, and white peach, this wine plays on the tip of your tongue, captivating all of your taste buds.


Selkie will tingle your tastebuds with lingering notes of golden kiwi, lily of the valley, and white peach. While Selkie’s playful effervescence and balanced sweetness evoke traditional frizzantes, its bright acidity and enticing depth make it as irresistible and alluring as our coastline.

Named for the seductive creatures of maritime myth that transform from seals to human form, Selkie is a combination of eight proprietary Nova Scotia grapes, inspired by our ocean breezes and unique Atlantic terroir. Like its namesake, Selkie is transformative—making any meal, moment or occasion something magical.

Pair with Atlantic seafood, light Asian fare, salads or fresh desserts.


An Italian style of wine that offers lower alcohol, balanced acidity, and a light effervescence that dances on the pallet. This is not a sparkling wine but a slightly sparkling wine that features a smaller and more delicate mousse. This style is celebrated throughout the world. In Spain, these wines are known as Vino de Aguja. The French term for them is Petillant, while the German term is Perlwein.