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The Selkie Story

Mysterious, elegant, alluring. Selkies are enchanted creatures hailing from Irish, Scottish, and Faroese folklore. These mystical seals transform on land into beautiful human forms. A Selkie emerges from the ocean to be with the human she loves, but is always torn between her human love and a longing for her ocean home.

The Selkie’s transformative power, passion and connection to Maritime history and myth make her a perfect namesake for our frizzante wines. An elegant creation of our inimitable terroir, Selkie Refresh and Selkie Rosé could come from nowhere but here. True to its name, Selkie wines can transform any afternoon, evening, or moment into something magical.

A standout of this old-world style, Selkie is a true Atlantic Canadian frizzante, combining the tropical notes typical of the style with the irresistible, refreshing acidity of our terroir. Crafted from local grapes, it’s an enticingly effervescent tipple, delighting the palate with a perfect balance of sugar and acidity. This wine plays on the tip of your tongue then captures your taste buds with a combination of mild sweetness and stone fruit flavours balanced on the palate with crisp mouthfeel from acidity and effervescence.

Let Selkie transform your occasions, like the Selkie’s myth and magic, into an elegant and alluring reality. Turn ordinary moments into something extraordinary.