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The Magic of Selkie

Introducing Selkie Refresh—everything you have loved about Selkie now with a fresh, sophisticated wine profile and look!

Inspired by Nova Scotia’s unique coastal terroir, Selkie frizzante wines are light, fragrant, and made for celebrating the magic in every day.


Refined and elegant, Selkie Refresh has an aromatic profile bursting with Muscat-driven fruit combined with a crisp, delicate effervescence. A classic frizzante wine, Selkie Refresh reflects the nature of a Nova Scotia ocean breeze - true in spirit, always refreshing and perfect for every occasion.


Selkie Rosé entices your senses with aromatics of red berry fruit overlaid with tropical notes then captivates your taste buds with its elegant structure, balanced sweetness and refreshing finish. Inspired by Nova Scotia’s unique coastal terroir, the fruity profile and lively effervescence make it the perfect companion for every occasion. 


Frizzante is an Italian style of wine that offers lower alcohol and balanced acidity. This slightly sparkling wine features a more delicate mousse than a prosecco or champagne. This style is found throughout the world, known in Spain as Vino de Aguja, France as Pétillant, and Germany as Perlwein